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Studies show facial recognition software almost works perfectly – if you’re a white male - Global News

Recent studies indicate that the face recognition technology used in consumer devices can discriminate based on gender and race.

A new study out of the M.I.T Media lab indicates that when certain face recognition products are shown photos of a white man, the software can correctly guess the gender of the person 99 per cent of the time. However, the study found that for subjects with darker skin, the software made more than 35 per cent more mistakes.

As part of the Gender Shades project 1,270 photos were chosen of individuals from three African countries and three European countries and were evaluated with  (AI) products from IBM, Microsoft and Face++-. The photos were classified further by gender and by skin colour before testing them on these products.

The study notes that while each company appears to have a relatively high rate of accuracy overall, of between 87 and 94 per cent, there were noticeable differences in the misidentified images in different groups.

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