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Power and Agency in modern films: Character portrayal analyses using computational tools

Character portrayal analyses using computational tools

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How a movie character is written or portrayed influences a viewer's impression, which can in turn influence people's stereotypes on gender norms. We develop a computational framework, called connotation frames, to measure the power and agency given to characters in movies. Our new tool allows for in-depth analyses of subtle nuances in how characters are written about in movie screenplays.

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TEXTIO Scoring Tool

Textio’s predictive engine is fueled by global hiring data. More than 10 million new job posts and their real-world outcomes are added every month. Textio analyzes this data to find the meaningful language patterns that cause some posts to succeed where others fail. Then it feeds that guidance back to users, creating a learning loop that gets smarter with every keystroke.

Textio offers a free scoring tool for companies :

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