ellpha embraces Artificial Intelligence to create a gender-balanced world, faster.


There is no doubt that gender equality is high on the agenda across countries and global organisations.

There is tangible progress in many metrics across geographies. Key milestones have been achieved. More women are getting educated. Countless organisations, women's groups, advocates for women's right and access to education and economic power, fight for parity and champion women's entrepreneurs, leaders, researchers.

Governments are getting involved to create visibility, prevent discrimination, and in some cases, enforce balance.

Enterprises are pledging to drive change, as the issue becomes more visible, internally and externally.


Advances are plain to see for women in all sectors, but calls come from all corners for Europe to lead the way on gender parity and accelerate change as gaping inequalities persist. EuroparlTV



Yet progress is slow and fragile.


regression is looming in some parts of the globe, and initiatives, built on good intentions, are at best authentic but modest attempts to drive change, at worst symbolic tokens to fill mandatory action plans.




The World Economic Forum estimates gender parity globally may now be over 170 years away. Previously they estimated an 80-year time, then it was 120 years. It keeps slowing down. The Forum's Annual Gender Gap Report shows slow progress and minimal change in many countries worldwide.





At Ellpha, we are dissatisfied by the incremental pace of change.

our goal is to drive radical changes.

Ellpha is about results, fast.

We believe well designed AI can drive a quantum leap in gender equality.